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It's December.
My last post was in May.
I was thinking of privatising this blog and I did.
Just a place I can rant whenever I feel like it.

But what if I died?
Maybe they would like to see the 17 year old me to remember me by.
Or is that perhaps the worst age they could have possibly have to choose from?

I haven't been blogging because I didn't want to jinx it.
But I've met the most wonderful guy.
We've been together since my birthday
So that makes it about two months plus.
Relatively new.
I'm not gonna go ahead and make a conclusion that
We're gonna last because that hows all relationships start.
But I'll just naively said I have a good feeling about this one.

Scared? Hell yes.
But I have never felt more loved or wanted.
He makes me feel things.
He was so unexpected and I still can find new things to surprise me everyday.
We said so many same things at the same time
It kind of feels pointless to say "UNCANNY" again after the first dozen times.


I saw on FB that Jon finally met another girl and that they are official.
I guess I didn't wreck him.
I guess I was just the wrong person after all.
I feel happy for the both of us.
To know that we both have found someone better for us.

I have deleted parts of him from here and my mind.
I would think that would be for the best.


Bryan is in London right now.
I miss him like a flower missing spring.
So does he actually.
He gets cold easily so I got him a scarf
Fate goes against me and brought London 0 degrees with SNOW.
Sorry I brought my bad luck to you T.T


Work is as usual.
Nothing new there. We moved to a new place that
Requires me to wear a uniform so I guess there's that?


I guess it's obvious I unprivatised my blog
But I am not sure why.
I guess there is no fun in writing something only I can see I guess.
I haven't been to Kelsey's place for a long time now
And I felt effing guilty so I guess after the honeymoon period
Wears off I'll start re-prioritising my time to make sure I
Keep in contact with everyone I care about.


In other news.
Something different happened (or rather did not)
And I can't say I am surprised and
I can safely say to that friendship a hoppity

I am aware that sounds rather immature for a 24 year old manager
But hey, not everyone is worth my time and effort.
As you grow old you have less fucks to give
And at this point my top 5 priorities are all sharing
The same two fucks divided between them so yeah.

Go fuck yourselves people.
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