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You work all day,
You go to gym, you spend time with your family.
And you spend time with your friends.

In your free time you read books,
And watch movies.

You are doing things,
But none of them fulfill you.

What motivates you to do anything then?
Is everything just obligatory?

Everyone should have a purpose..
How do you find yours?

This is how I see Jon.

I knew him as a person who was in love with love.
Someone who envisioned marriage with Rachel.
Someone passionate about videography and, well, feels.

He would show me videos of Casey Neistat
And cry with me over them.
He had feelings, he once loved.

Did I wreck him?
He's young, and he needs to grow.

But instead of pushing him to experience new girls,
He's now cold to all things.

And he won't listen to me.
He just cares about meeting new girls, and trying to get in bed with them.
"I just discovered a move that works 100% of the time
and NO I'm not telling you."

Jon, my dear.
The majority of the time, it wasn't you who bed the girl,
But the girl who bedded you.

If a girl was not in the place to sleep with you,
You can't "dupe" her into doing it.

You can't suddenly just make a move
And the girl would totally get into bed with you.

Half the time the girl was already in the state of sleeping with someone,
And you were (lucky you) in the right place at the right time.

What I wanted for you was to experience different type of people.
In a intricate and personal way.

I want you to discover a new way to show love and concern,
To discover that with love, things do not need to be fair,
Because until you discover that you love someone more than yourself,
You can't truly say you have ever loved.

But now I've made you into this.
Did I make you like this?
Is this a phase you're going through Jon?
Or did I awaken someone else in you?

Because you don't seem like the same person I went to Penang with.
The one who opened doors for me.

You are not a player, Jon.
So why are you being like this?
You are so much more than that.

You were made a gentleman.
You were the one who showed me
That love is more than just staying with you through the night,
It's the morning after.

I miss that Jon.

I absolutely detest you now.

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