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Hahaha, of course I cared.
But it takes a special kind of disappointment over a
long stretch of time to make me this rueful,
Enough to have me cut you off from my life.
Me, the one with attachment issues.
Me, the one who stuck through other people who use me
And still I insist are friends.

If you were to use any excuses at all as to why
We didn't go out before tomorrow,
Such as "you didn't seem too keen"
Then say hello to yourselves for the past year.

I still have hope,
But perhaps it's rather implausible for you
To make any plans, to stick with it.

Maybe someday I'll grow up to regret this decision,
But for now


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I'm sure everyone know what friendzone means,
And sad to say that yes while it is true that females
Does it to their male friends all the time,
but if we don't we'd all be whores, no?

Now, while this apply for mostly guys,
There is also a phenomenon that most girls suffer from.
I call it the friendzone alternative.

Sure we pass by the same stages you would expect in a relationship:
Acquaintances, Friends, Close friends,
It's really hard to tell which ladder you'll end up climbing,
The relationship ladder or the friendzone alternative because they both
Start off essentially the same, and you only know which ladder you're on
When it's too late and have too much time invested.

What is the friendzone alternative?
Well, my lady friends, the frienzone alternative
Is ultimately the suprise fuckbuddy.

I love your companionship
But I don't want to be with you.

In no fucking universe is that a compliment.
And while some girls with commitment issues
Out there may say otherwise,
Very much like me when I encountered my first one,
Eventually you'll end up feeling used,
Even when it was a mutual agreement.

I was like OH HEY okay,
 I have my needs met.
Is he really using me?
Aren't we reaaaaally using each other?

Then BOOM 1 month later I feel like crap.
But I didn't know what we were until it was happening.
I found out I was never going to call him my boyfriend.
I never had the chance.

Moral of the story?
We friendzone you but at least we didn't fuck you up.

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Do I have to die to
Have you notice I'm here too
All my breathing is for, just for you

Or should I ever leave you
Never return until you find your
Finally find your joy your happiness

Haruskah ku mati..
Hingga kau menyadari
Hadirku disini

Ataukah ku pergi
Dan takkan pernah kembali
Bila bahagia yang kau cari

G G7 C Cm

It's as hard to translate malay songs to english songs.
But I'm really addicted to this song.

You can call me silly..
Things are getting a little too real for me..
But I just want you to be happy..
But I'm sorry I won't bet my heart in it..
I won't hurt myself.

Sorry to you too..
I don't see you in that way.
You have always been my kor..
I don't see you any other way
Even though you've moved on from there..
Maybe someday..

As for you..
I don't know what to do about you..
You say you talk to everyone in the same way..
Then am I supposed to take you seriously?
I can't just go with the flow,
I don't want complications anymore..
As you can see if you see it you're the third..

As for you.

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Oh it is all so proven now.
Oh? Can't decide which day?
Why is it so hard?
Because none of you give a fuck that's why.

You can go out late with your other stupid friends
But go out with us is like forcing a kiwi down your throat.
We are in our early twenties, WE DON'T NEED SLEEP.

Without me there is no we.
Recent events has proven that.
At first I was like oh no
Friends are friends, appreciate them,
No matter how long or how short we've known each other.
Well then let's judge based on actions shall we, hmmm?

Go on and continue to judge me
Because as of right now I don't give a rats ass about
You and your holier-than-thou attitude.
So go on and be your goody-two-shoe who can do no wrong
Because you're a fucking saint.
Who the fuck are you trying to impress?
My life is no moral education.

I don't even bother and it seems like you won't too.
But that's fine by me.
So go ahead and make plans if you want,
Come fetch me for once,
Set a date, fetch us all.
Then I will make you fetch me home right after.
Let's see how much effort was put into this
What you have been taking for granted, shall we?

I don't even put into consideration the toll and petrol
Before this but thanks for waking me up
To discover how ungrateful you little bitches and bastards are.
Sorry but my time, money and effort
Should not be wasted on the likes of you.

My my, so angry.

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But I am not a child.
I know how to think.
I haven't been staying under someone's wings my entire life.
If you've noticed I am independent.
I have my own outlooks in life.
There are people who eat with cutleries
And there are people who eat with their hands.
None of them is wrong.
Just fucking accept it and move on.
As long as they aren't taking your food away from you
Why the fuck do you care?
Why make such a fucking big fuss?

Don't treat me like a child or I'll treat you like a parent.
Don't take so much pride in something that has no value.
Knowing more fucked up people doesn't mean you are better,
It only means you've allowed yourself to
Mix with the wrong kind of people.
Why should I expose myself to these kind of influences
When I know they are bad for me?
So I can say I know more about the world than you?
And then how does it benefit me?

Following your logic then I should eat shit then I know
How it taste like SO I CAN TELL YOU NOT TO EAT SHIT.
Make sense to you?

I hate your personality so much
But I fucking love you as a friend.
Now I ask myself where is my common sense.

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Miss-Hanz™ is a registered blog. All Copyrights Reserved.©