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Hey there bloggie.
So, since 2013 started things have gone up and down.
And it's only February. Yay.
Well, me and my ex has gone downhill.
As much as I miss his presence I just couldn't take the situation anymore.
Sort of like you like the idea of ice cream but the calories isn't worth it.
Okay maybe it's kinda hard to say no to ice cream.
But you get the gist.

Kels has gone down under, as in Aussie.
She's not one to post a lot on Facebook but I miss her a lot.
I'll be writing to her every two weeks but with Facebook so darn convenient
It's kinda hard to stop talking to her unless I want to write
Zit in her letter. I made her a photo album where I intend to
Send her a picture every two weeks and eventually the album
Will be filled. Then she won't miss out so much on what's happening here.
I'm waiting for her to get her iPhone so we can viber!
You might think this is funny but actually she and I don't chat a lot.
We (more accurately *I*) kinda let it build up and the unleash it
When we meet up, which is sometimes every week up to
One month once sometimes.
I remember I told her about this friend A isn't really close to another
Friend B simply because they don't even hang out or talk a lot
So they can't possibly be very close when Kels pointed out that
We were like that. Strange how different people have different definitions
Of relationships. Made me realise that even if you meet up with someone
All the time does not necessarily mean that they are close.

We had a very awkward hug outside her house the night before I flew
to China. We spent our last minutes playing the guitar and singing,
Which almost made me cry because it just brought me back to
The days we used to do it all the time.
It was one of the things that made us bond in our earlier years
And the nostalgia hit me especially hard at that time
To think that this was gonna be the last thing we were gonna do together
I was surprised I could still sing because I was really trying to
Not cry plus dad was in the room.

We had a hug and I just couldn't let go.
She sniffled and the waterfall began.
As usual I couldn't stand the mushy stuff so I cracked a joke
We both laughed but I couldn't look her in the eye.
When I drove off I immediately regretted it because it was going to
Be the last time I saw her, and just because I was awkward
I dodged her eyes and lowered my head.
I sobbed uncontrollably on the way back and OF COURSE
With my luck I would drive into a roadblock
And have strange men shine their torches down my
Ugly face. I'm surprised they didn't flinch.

Was just thinking that I should get a grip and stop being so drama
But I could really feel the longing and the emptiness
As I drove away, but the voice in the back of my head said
Get a grip, it's just two years, she's not dying or something
And when she get there you're still gonna FB her like usual.
But I allowed myself to be emo anyway.
This was different.


Okay I go back to doing assignment before I..

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