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Last time I was here I was on PMS, sekian.

I just got back my results.
I got like two Bs and one C.
Bloody hell.

For journalism I had three assignments, all over 33.
My first was 30, then 32, the last one I wasn't sure.
So results came back with a freakin 76.
Minus the 30 and 32, I only got 14 for my last assignment??
What's wrong with IACT anyway?
I mean, lecturer's marks and UH marks different one is it?
What am I supposed to be expecting here?

But my European Cinema which I thought was shitty
Got a B also so no complains there.
Digital Storytelling which I spent most of my friggin time doing
Pretty much by myself got a freakin 56.

It's can't be my editting is it??!
Oy vey.

Sour notes aside,
2012 is passing by with a blink of an eye.
I am finally picking my ass up fixing a website of my own,
Providing services to small business owners who wants to expand their
Businesses online, but doesn't wanna seem cheap with the domains and can't afford to spend a ton on a website
Designer who isn't even meeting the bare minimum.
I provide a completely customised website to their liking
(Although to be honest it will cater more to females)
Complete with copywriting, advertisements, facebook page,
twitter accounts, SEO optimization, subscription and e-store.
This will all come in a package and what's more you only pay me one time
because your website will be hosted under blogspot servers but
your own domain name, as in without the thing.
Their yearly subscription is like RM30?

And like I said, it's for small businesses so don't be expecting
Fancy flash menus and stuff.
I think it's a good start.
And I charge for producing more ads and copywriting.

A package all-in would be around RM600.
Like an introductory thing.
Does this seem too much?

My USP would be unlike other websites.
Completely customised: your website will be designed to your liking.
Up to 20 pages (other web designer only offer about 4 pages basic package)
Facebook and twitter setup/integration
Subscription/mailing lists
Free 5 advertisement banners
Free copywriting + proofreading
Yearly hosting fee only RM30 to blogspot
Your own .com + email accounts
SEO optimization
Basic user interface: no need to hire a webmaster
Easy interface so you can post yourself with no hassle

All this for an introductory rate of RM600.

Okay what right?
At least I think so.
May come up with packages soon.

After I finish making my ipad cover and boyfie's pencil box.
Hope I can finish all this shit before my next sem starts!

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Remember when you said you have nothing to hide?
That I can check all I want?

If you didn't give me a reason to not trust you,
I wouldn't be paranoid like this.
How can I trust you to tell me anything in the future?
You're driving me up the wall.
You push me into a dead end
While convincing me you want this to work.

How is it supposed to work when you don't do anything?
That somehow it will blow over?
And now you're adding salt to the injury.

You're just making this more painful and yet less painful for me.
If you were in my shoes you would feel my fear.
It's not about going out, it's about not telling me.

You really don't know how to communicate.
You don't know what you say can imply other things.
You said you will tell me everything only a few days ago.
And now this.

Why am I so hard to get?
Why can't you seem to understand?

Why do you make it harder for me to trust you?

So I don't have the right to know what's going on in your life
Since it doesn't concern me?
Regardless of whether you're going or not?

So you insist we only talk about... NOTHING?
You didn't like what I said in whatsapp.
It's fucking true.
If you don't like it then please blame yourself.
Because I am done trying.
I'll just wait for 2013 thanks.

  - -
Miss-Hanz™ is a registered blog. All Copyrights Reserved.©