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It was a dark and stormy night..
Lol fuck that, we're in Malaysia it was fucking hot.
It was around 4pm and thanks to my busted car air-con,
It was sweltering hot, especially since
I'm always wearing a jacket of some sort.

The sun still hangs up in the sky, although already getting ready to set.
I just got back from a mild traffic jam coming from PJ,
And I was cursing at a taxi for suddenly swerving out into my lane
As Everybody Talks played on the stereo. EH UNCLE!!
Ah why bother. I sped up to overtake him.
Feeling a bit guai lan I look into his car as I sped past him
And gave him a "You should be ashamed HOOLIGAN" look.
I chuckled to myself, lol like laaa I can come close to looking threatening.

I speed a lot lately, but don't mistake me for some adrenaline junkie.
I'm just another motherass lazy student trying to get to class in time,
IACT's policy counts three lates as an absent,
And I'm pretty sure I was already late twice before.
But then again I'm speeding right now because I wanna get home
ASAP because I'm about to be baked well done in this oven of a car.
It takes me about half an hour to reach my apartment usually,
Unless I meet more than one idiot on the road.
(I have a "smartest driver" complex, I'm the most efficient and
considerate driver of all, the rest are just retards.)

I always park outside of my apartment while my brother
Parks inside our reserved parking lot.
That's because he drives a Myvi and my mom's logic is
Myvi everybody wanna steal, my mom's car has a pedal lock,
And my car? Well that's just scrap metal, so nobody be wanting to touch it.
(I just went pirate for a moment there.)

The visitor parking is right outside our apartment compound,
Just one single road right in front of the apartment.
Wide enough to fit a two-direction road. It's shady here as the building
Silhouetted the road, casted by the sun just beyond the apartment.
There are plenty of cars parked out here along the shoulder of the road,
But there are still quite a number of parking lots left; it's not after five yet.
I turned into the visitor parking, following the car in front of me.
A parking lot, right by the guard house!
I wonder if the guy in front of me wants to park there.
Doesn't seem like it or he would have kostan.
HAHA MINE. So I did a three point turn,
But manatau pulak the car in front of me also doing it.
Too bad, I'm taking this spot!! I drove (casually) towards the empty space,
A little further up so I can do a reverse parallel parking.
HEHE put signal first.
The car I followed drove right up behind me, blocking me from reversing.
I wait and see if they put signal. Nope, none.
I suppose they don't want to park then.
I waited for them to get the message of my signal and drive past me,
But they don't. I wound down the windows, gestured them to drive past me.
They didn't budge. ARGHHH. This time I gestured even more quickly,
My palm moving to imply to go forward. This time they did.
FINALLY. So I started parallel parking my car carefully
Because I suck, and as I was almost done,
I noticed the car from just now was stopped right next to me.
Eh, how come they didn't go forward..
Shit takkan they want to park here?! Walao put signal lor!

I tried to ignore them and continue
(I mean come on, I WAS ALMOST DONE!!)
Parking my car until I saw all of it's passenger alighting for the car.
It was an indian family, the driver a huge man, big build, wearing a polo and
A highly powerful death stare.
Scared shitless I just calmed myself and wound the window all the way down.

"Hello, sorry, it's there a problem? Did you want to park here?"

He continued staring angrily, while I can see a woman talking to him
And putting a hand on his shoulder. Another man from the passenger side
Seems to be looking from the angry man, to me and then back again,
With a smile on his face.  He seems to be amused. Fucker. What do I do?!
"Sorry, did I do something wrong?"


Of mother of God what the hell no I did not you crazy ass man I am parking
Didn't even talk to you just trying my best at parallel parking here
I wanna go home it's so hot like hell oh shit damn scared-

"No, I just move my hand so you can pass."


Turns out he was just dropping his friend down to get to the car
Parked two cars in front of me.
Also, karma!

Haha, Was this too boring or long winded?
Just finished another Journalism class
and I'm trying out descriptive and reflective writing,
obviously, while trying to keep a part of me intact.

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First thing to complain:
Basically everyday got one class,
And I have three 9am classes.

There are 5 things I hate the most:
5. Show-offs
4.   Liars/backstabbers/double-faced jerks 
3.   Flying cockroaches
2. Driving

and my number one?

1. Driving when traffic jam.

Fuck, like seriously. 9am jam like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
I hate to need to weave in and out as much as I hate having to wait for
Traffic to clear before I can move, and then some.
The 4pm 5pm classes okay also la, but class ends the same time
School ends so either way I'm screwed.

(btw I think I scared the bf off when I drive coz I can get rather brutal.. verbally.)

Alright, sour note aside: Classmates..
There are basically three groups.
Firstly there are the old-timers.
They are the 2nd year degree students who studied at IACT previously.
Very nice, friendly and to me at least, smart.
No slackers there! I think this time round I may be the slacker.

Then there are the new-comers.
They basically know each other and their respective clique of friends,
Bonding and all.

And then there's me.

Okay I know it's still new (third week considered new ah?)

I really need to work on my social skills.
I suppose blogging is not one of them.
Honestly speaking blogging is pretty much.. lame.

Oh look that's something new lol.
Alright ta. Just couldn't sleep because of IELTS tomorrow.

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Miss-Hanz™ is a registered blog. All Copyrights Reserved.©