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Hello there.
(Warning: Long ass post.)
Feel bad for abandoning this blog,
(HAHA ironically Google flags blog as a typo and offers glob instead)
but then this would be a good source..
Should I die one day and my classmates want to give an eulogy of some sort.
Since I used to document EVERY SINGLE THING when I was young.
Hmm morbid.

And now here I am, unsure of what I should do,
What I want to do, and what I am expected to do.
More often than not you are confused deciding on what you want to study,
Because in reality, asking yourself what you want to study
Is really like asking yourself "Who am I? What will I be for the rest of my life?"
Because let's face it, NOBODY knows what they really want.
Like the time when you were younger and you said to your mom
"Just get me that barbie doll,
Hahaha, you get my point.

Haha okay sour note aside, I went to some colleges/universities
Whose courses interests me, based on what's on their website.
And of course, seeing that I am looking for design courses,
Their website should be fundamental on how prospectives may evaluate them.
Bad design? Either FAIL or cheapskate, which also is FAIL.
So no go on that one. Some really nice ones are like Dasein..
(Which is in chinese partially and as far as I can tell offers no degrees.)
Okay that's about it for websites that leaves an impression on me.
Others are rather generically bland.
I mean hello, like you don't know these are the
tools that reach creative students like us?
(Ek eleh, calling myself a creative student. But yeah, I am. LOL.)

So anyway, I have a communication background so getting into
Pure Graphic Design is hard for me.
According to The One Academy I am actually not qualified at all,
And I need to take the foundation.
(Duration 4 years, fees approximately RM90k as of May 2012)
I lost all hope at first but someone
I confided in told me that not all hope is lost,
And so I sucked it up and looked at other courses.

Call me stupid, but I actually forgot that there are design courses
Related to communications, some of which are:
Advertising and Design, Communication Design, even Mass Comm itself..
It does not focus so much on design, but more of how it can be
Utilised in the advertising line and other related fields.
In some colleges you can even choose if you want to
Major in a more specific direction, although within conditions.
So some of the places I went to are:-

1.The One Academy

I chose them based on what I could find on their website,
Their location, weightage and fees.

The One Academy's Degree in Graphic Design
Intake: May

Of course, no doubt they are among if not the best Design School,
And the people are really friendly, but gives out wrong information.
(Okay, okay. Just one la, the rest are really nice, really.)
The lady told me my intake should start at 19th of May,
That I may get some exemptions, and at maximum
Take 3 years to complete my course.
Then the next time I called they guy convinced me to take a Diploma instead.
The third time I was told the intake starts on the 9th, I am not qualified,
Need to take foundation, face 4 years of studying and need RM90k.

I was disappointed of course, but alas. Perhaps this was not meant to be.
Their subjects though looks really fun; interesting.
Something I may (like to think I) quite enjoy doing even while
Burning mounds and mounds of midnight oil, because most people
That came from TOA sounds like they survived the apocalypse.

Their works are very impressive, and it boasts of winning
The Kancil Awards almost every year.
I was not brought around the facility though, although I did not ask.

Sunway's Degree in Advertising & Design
Intake: March and August

I think the most important factor when deciding which place you want
To pursue your studies lies heavily on the person you talked to.
These counsellors are the impression they give on behalf of their school.
How they present themselves will be ultimately how you would
Assume the college/uni to be.

Sunway's was alright.
They could answer our questions well, a little wittle bit high uppity,
Which is expected, and is what we
Communication students gets a lot, believe me.
Their fees are around the range of RM65k and their coursework weightage
Is about 50-50 to 60-40 (exam-coursework).

Their subjects are really quite a balance between boring stuff and design subjects
(From my point-of-view, of course)
And have about 5 elective subjects you can choose personally.
This course has no re-sits. If you fail, you retake.
They are also very strict on exemptions and
Stress a loooot about following government rules.
(Either they think we're trying to force our way into this programme,
Or they think we're undercover spies that works for the govt. LOL.)

Taylor's Degree in Graphic Communication Design 
Intake: August

Parking is BAD. Need. More. Trees.
Although kudos for free parking.
(Although due to heat I think I may actually pay for parking..
What is a few ringgit if it's risking my fair -slightly dark now- skin?)
The lady that attended to us forgot to climb
Down her high horse this morning.
She was judgemental, she gives off the air of "Can you really study?"
And steps on a student's ability before seeing what they do.
On top of that she looks really pale and unglorified,
(Isn't it a requirement to put at least a little bit of make up?)
And plus her sour half smile face I did not enjoy talking to her.
Yes, I admit I was intimidated by her too la.
And by right counsellors should not make a prospective student feel that way.
So what if I'm from communications?
Who do you think comes up with all these advertisements
For the things you own right now? What's facebook?
Then she goes on about how you won't make shit from design unless you're like
Wow, nice. So how's life as a counsellor, woman?
You must be taking your wages by the bag load eh?

Okay ranting aside,
Their fees are about RM10k more than most courses I was looking at.
Approximately around RM76k. Weightage about 70% exam 30% assignments.
Also don't let the lakeside tagline fool you.
It is not scenic for even a little. It's more like a pond, really.
Their subjects cover quite a lot actually, from entertainment design and also some thinking development, or rather that's how I would put it, to sum it up.

Regardless, Taylor's give me a very high school feeling with the
Typical popular cliques and whatnot, as is with most schools with a
Large amount of students. I don't prefer it.
Let's just say Taylor's did not give me a warm welcome.

IACT's Degree in Mass Communication
Intake: May, November

Location quite inconvenient I guess, seeing as both ways are
Congested due to the Federal Highway on one side and the many
Secondary and Primary schools on the other.
Parking wise I was told we can get seasonal parking for RM90.
Quite okay actually. IF you get it.

The ambience is fun. Student lounge? Awesome.
They have these beanbags the size of half your bed,
And so its campus is not as huge as Taylor's but the people there are friendly.
They have wonderful facilities like a photography studio, recording studio,
Art studio, and they have equipments you can rent,
Such as DSLRs and Video Recorders, so you won't have to buy them.

They have a Mac computer lab as well, and as their courses are mainly
Towards design and communication, they should be good in what they do.
It's located in a mall (not as uncomfortable as you may think),
So it's easy to find places to eat,
Though I'm sure it won't be easy on the wallet.

What I like about them is (personally) they have web design.
And because it's under Mass Comm I can exempt more subjects
And maybe can just study two years and be done with it.

They are offering ad & design degrees somewhere around next year.
I didn't go to Inti Nilai because, well.. It's in NILAI for one.
I can't afford to travel up and down, and I can't afford to stay there.
So here I am. Although I didn't survey much on other Mass Com degrees..
But from what I can find IACT is the only place that offers
Both web design and advanced web design in their electives.
A lot of their coursework is like 100% (not completely) which I think
Is important because exams are not about how much you understand,
It's more about how well you can memorize. Fees are about RM66k.
If you're looking into IACT, look for Jeremy. He's got a sense of humour.
But I suppose only communication/design students get us. Que sera sera.

  - -
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