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What I saw displayed on the back of a car
In a huge lane of cars:-

"Walk 10,000 steps a day"

Nuff said.
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Nothing remotely interesting at all.
Even the blog is getting more hits than me, lol.
Traffic is still coming in btw, about 100 plus hits.
If only I can make them click on my ad ngek ngek.
Eh, actually RM1 plus only even if they do, fail.

Calculated dad's profit from 2008-2012,
Response is FUUUUUUUU..
I should definitely go for degree, I deserve it lol.
I found myself suddenly doing accounts for my dad.
I failed accounts in SPM.
Should I tell my dad?

The End.

P.S: needs to stop playing Sarah Connor's Bounce!!



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So just a mere two days ago I reskinned my blog,
Complete with new posts right.
My old blog counter was displaying like 20K views
Which don't get me wrong it's not impressive at all given that
I have been blogging for about 5 years now.
Well, most of it anyway.

I totally deleted that widget and I forgot which website I got it from,
So I used the blogger one (just 13k but like who's counting *i do*)
So I've been paying vague attention to it la.
Suddenly today I checked about 200 plus hits
Since the last time I blogged (yesterday)
Menial mundane things also so many audience,
*success kid*

So being me I am all hyped up about it
(I don't have a life so this is pretty much the highlight of my day)
I went to my feedjit and see lah who has been viewing my blog.


Someone put a link of an old blog post of mine about Twilight
On their blog, and directing traffic here.
Got slightly bashed also, lol.

Some of you may not know but I used to be one of those Twi-hard fans.
Ahhh those days. I remember the first time I went to watch the movie.
I teared. Yup. It was such an emotional moment for me. (Drama)
But of course that was before I saw the subtitle for the script:

"Say it, say it out loud."

in malay.

"Jawab, jawab dengan kuat."

Then came in my head the image of Edward in our typical Malaysian
Pontianak costume of long hair, nails and dress.

Here's a crudely photoshopped picture of Edward the pontianak
 Purely for entertainment's sake.

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God how did I do this everyday I don't remember.
So this is yet another attempt to blog everyday,
Which in reality only translates to probably only 3 times a week.

So, today was pretty much the same,
Except this new employee who is really riding me up the wrong way.
(Did this sound wrong?)
She is damn blur, always at the wrong place at the wrong time,
To the extent that to this date I have already accidentally pointed my finger
At several parts of her face by accident for about 3 times now,
coz I was trying to point at something else.
(I hit her mouth once, that's just disgusting for the both of us.)

So I don't know if she is trying to get fired or whad
Because lately she has been especially in the way
And damn malas to do anything and push it to the other new girl.
Plus she is angering my senior so I am in the middle playing
The middle person when all I wanna do is 9gag.

Basically I am waiting for the day my senior cannot tahan her
Or something bad enough happens lah, either she quit or whad,
Coz somehow I have a feeling she won't stay here long
But don't get the wrong idea,
But life will be much easier for the most of us.
And I won't have to watch out where I put my finger. =.=

On the other hand, today an elderly couple who was pumping petrol
At Caltex SS14 had their hose(?) burst and it spewed petrol everywhere
As I watched amusedly while the sad attendant kena scold
Left right and center going back and forth filling up his little watering can
To wash off the petrol from their car. Sad.
(I didn't just happen to be there and kepoh,
I was actually filling up my car next to them.. just to clarify.)

As I drove away I imagined someone's car exhaust pipe emitting sparks
And tomorrow we'll have loads more parking

Life is not fair. Le sigh.

Haha drama note aside I guess at least it still feels like college =.=

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Well, as some of you might know, 
I've already graduated from my diploma last year.
Most of my friends have probably already started with their degree.
I have been contemplating where and what to take for my degree,
And I've lost a lot of sleep over it, although that could also be all the 
The Nanny marathon, lol.

I've always liked designing although I won't say that I'm awesome at it.
HAHAHA, Okay lar I have said that I am before, lol.
But I'm pretty sure compared to The One Academy it is NOTHING.
I've seem their showcase and I was like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
How am I suppose to compete with that?!
Plus, my second worst habit 
(the first one being my lameness but that's another story)
Is my laziness. It is of epic proportions.

Here's an example:
To be honest early 2011 I lost some weight,
because we had a 2 months break before that..
And I spent all my time on my bed.
Lazy to go eat.
So one day eat one meal only.
And that is the story of how I lost my weight.

Sad right? lol.

Anyway yeah I am super lazy aaaannd TOA is known for it's workload, 
Aside from it's quality students
Of both which I am not qualified for.
I think I'm reaching for the stars here but
Designing courses else where..
Sunway got people said sucks.
Taylor's is not known for it's designing courses either.
I checked forums and everything,
No one ever mentions Taylor's or Sunway for their designing courses. 
(to think they were my first two choices before I knew *shudders*)
So what's left are Dasein, Saito, TOA, MMU, MIA,
Of which most only offer diploma and I'm looking at degrees here.

But whatever lah I've made up my mind. Although I'm gonna ask 
My ex-classmates who went there next saturday at Kit Yen's birthday party.
Like how hard is it's gonna be etc etc. Scared. :/

On the other hand there is another dilemma.
I always liked designing so I'm assuming I should be taking Graphics Design,
But then after surveying around most people says that
Graphic Design is pretty basic and that I should consider
Multimedia Design, especially in the internet era,
That I'd be able to have a more flexible career in the future.

Then comes the third dilemma.
I am actually taking this so that I have a fall back plan because..
I plan to work for my dad after my degree.


I think multimedia design is really tough and since
I have totally no interest in animation,
which the course seems to mainly focus on,
I don't think I would actually pour out all the required energy to focus on it.
Seeing the workload is so heavy, I'd have to make sure
I'm really passionate about it, right?

So, so far I have decided that I'm taking Graphics design course in TOA.
I'm still not sure, but would you believe it I was so bothered about these that
Three days ago I totally slammed the whole idea and decided I'll just work for my dad
And just totally forget about my degree? LOL.

Ala gary from Running Man:

On the other hand, I have a new blog design!
Yes I am Captain Obvious.