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Last time I was here I was on PMS, sekian.

I just got back my results.
I got like two Bs and one C.
Bloody hell.

For journalism I had three assignments, all over 33.
My first was 30, then 32, the last one I wasn't sure.
So results came back with a freakin 76.
Minus the 30 and 32, I only got 14 for my last assignment??
What's wrong with IACT anyway?
I mean, lecturer's marks and UH marks different one is it?
What am I supposed to be expecting here?

But my European Cinema which I thought was shitty
Got a B also so no complains there.
Digital Storytelling which I spent most of my friggin time doing
Pretty much by myself got a freakin 56.

It's can't be my editting is it??!
Oy vey.

Sour notes aside,
2012 is passing by with a blink of an eye.
I am finally picking my ass up fixing a website of my own,
Providing services to small business owners who wants to expand their
Businesses online, but doesn't wanna seem cheap with the domains and can't afford to spend a ton on a website
Designer who isn't even meeting the bare minimum.
I provide a completely customised website to their liking
(Although to be honest it will cater more to females)
Complete with copywriting, advertisements, facebook page,
twitter accounts, SEO optimization, subscription and e-store.
This will all come in a package and what's more you only pay me one time
because your website will be hosted under blogspot servers but
your own domain name, as in without the thing.
Their yearly subscription is like RM30?

And like I said, it's for small businesses so don't be expecting
Fancy flash menus and stuff.
I think it's a good start.
And I charge for producing more ads and copywriting.

A package all-in would be around RM600.
Like an introductory thing.
Does this seem too much?

My USP would be unlike other websites.
Completely customised: your website will be designed to your liking.
Up to 20 pages (other web designer only offer about 4 pages basic package)
Facebook and twitter setup/integration
Subscription/mailing lists
Free 5 advertisement banners
Free copywriting + proofreading
Yearly hosting fee only RM30 to blogspot
Your own .com + email accounts
SEO optimization
Basic user interface: no need to hire a webmaster
Easy interface so you can post yourself with no hassle

All this for an introductory rate of RM600.

Okay what right?
At least I think so.
May come up with packages soon.

After I finish making my ipad cover and boyfie's pencil box.
Hope I can finish all this shit before my next sem starts!

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Remember when you said you have nothing to hide?
That I can check all I want?

If you didn't give me a reason to not trust you,
I wouldn't be paranoid like this.
How can I trust you to tell me anything in the future?
You're driving me up the wall.
You push me into a dead end
While convincing me you want this to work.

How is it supposed to work when you don't do anything?
That somehow it will blow over?
And now you're adding salt to the injury.

You're just making this more painful and yet less painful for me.
If you were in my shoes you would feel my fear.
It's not about going out, it's about not telling me.

You really don't know how to communicate.
You don't know what you say can imply other things.
You said you will tell me everything only a few days ago.
And now this.

Why am I so hard to get?
Why can't you seem to understand?

Why do you make it harder for me to trust you?

So I don't have the right to know what's going on in your life
Since it doesn't concern me?
Regardless of whether you're going or not?

So you insist we only talk about... NOTHING?
You didn't like what I said in whatsapp.
It's fucking true.
If you don't like it then please blame yourself.
Because I am done trying.
I'll just wait for 2013 thanks.

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It was a dark and stormy night..
Lol fuck that, we're in Malaysia it was fucking hot.
It was around 4pm and thanks to my busted car air-con,
It was sweltering hot, especially since
I'm always wearing a jacket of some sort.

The sun still hangs up in the sky, although already getting ready to set.
I just got back from a mild traffic jam coming from PJ,
And I was cursing at a taxi for suddenly swerving out into my lane
As Everybody Talks played on the stereo. EH UNCLE!!
Ah why bother. I sped up to overtake him.
Feeling a bit guai lan I look into his car as I sped past him
And gave him a "You should be ashamed HOOLIGAN" look.
I chuckled to myself, lol like laaa I can come close to looking threatening.

I speed a lot lately, but don't mistake me for some adrenaline junkie.
I'm just another motherass lazy student trying to get to class in time,
IACT's policy counts three lates as an absent,
And I'm pretty sure I was already late twice before.
But then again I'm speeding right now because I wanna get home
ASAP because I'm about to be baked well done in this oven of a car.
It takes me about half an hour to reach my apartment usually,
Unless I meet more than one idiot on the road.
(I have a "smartest driver" complex, I'm the most efficient and
considerate driver of all, the rest are just retards.)

I always park outside of my apartment while my brother
Parks inside our reserved parking lot.
That's because he drives a Myvi and my mom's logic is
Myvi everybody wanna steal, my mom's car has a pedal lock,
And my car? Well that's just scrap metal, so nobody be wanting to touch it.
(I just went pirate for a moment there.)

The visitor parking is right outside our apartment compound,
Just one single road right in front of the apartment.
Wide enough to fit a two-direction road. It's shady here as the building
Silhouetted the road, casted by the sun just beyond the apartment.
There are plenty of cars parked out here along the shoulder of the road,
But there are still quite a number of parking lots left; it's not after five yet.
I turned into the visitor parking, following the car in front of me.
A parking lot, right by the guard house!
I wonder if the guy in front of me wants to park there.
Doesn't seem like it or he would have kostan.
HAHA MINE. So I did a three point turn,
But manatau pulak the car in front of me also doing it.
Too bad, I'm taking this spot!! I drove (casually) towards the empty space,
A little further up so I can do a reverse parallel parking.
HEHE put signal first.
The car I followed drove right up behind me, blocking me from reversing.
I wait and see if they put signal. Nope, none.
I suppose they don't want to park then.
I waited for them to get the message of my signal and drive past me,
But they don't. I wound down the windows, gestured them to drive past me.
They didn't budge. ARGHHH. This time I gestured even more quickly,
My palm moving to imply to go forward. This time they did.
FINALLY. So I started parallel parking my car carefully
Because I suck, and as I was almost done,
I noticed the car from just now was stopped right next to me.
Eh, how come they didn't go forward..
Shit takkan they want to park here?! Walao put signal lor!

I tried to ignore them and continue
(I mean come on, I WAS ALMOST DONE!!)
Parking my car until I saw all of it's passenger alighting for the car.
It was an indian family, the driver a huge man, big build, wearing a polo and
A highly powerful death stare.
Scared shitless I just calmed myself and wound the window all the way down.

"Hello, sorry, it's there a problem? Did you want to park here?"

He continued staring angrily, while I can see a woman talking to him
And putting a hand on his shoulder. Another man from the passenger side
Seems to be looking from the angry man, to me and then back again,
With a smile on his face.  He seems to be amused. Fucker. What do I do?!
"Sorry, did I do something wrong?"


Of mother of God what the hell no I did not you crazy ass man I am parking
Didn't even talk to you just trying my best at parallel parking here
I wanna go home it's so hot like hell oh shit damn scared-

"No, I just move my hand so you can pass."


Turns out he was just dropping his friend down to get to the car
Parked two cars in front of me.
Also, karma!

Haha, Was this too boring or long winded?
Just finished another Journalism class
and I'm trying out descriptive and reflective writing,
obviously, while trying to keep a part of me intact.

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First thing to complain:
Basically everyday got one class,
And I have three 9am classes.

There are 5 things I hate the most:
5. Show-offs
4.   Liars/backstabbers/double-faced jerks 
3.   Flying cockroaches
2. Driving

and my number one?

1. Driving when traffic jam.

Fuck, like seriously. 9am jam like shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
I hate to need to weave in and out as much as I hate having to wait for
Traffic to clear before I can move, and then some.
The 4pm 5pm classes okay also la, but class ends the same time
School ends so either way I'm screwed.

(btw I think I scared the bf off when I drive coz I can get rather brutal.. verbally.)

Alright, sour note aside: Classmates..
There are basically three groups.
Firstly there are the old-timers.
They are the 2nd year degree students who studied at IACT previously.
Very nice, friendly and to me at least, smart.
No slackers there! I think this time round I may be the slacker.

Then there are the new-comers.
They basically know each other and their respective clique of friends,
Bonding and all.

And then there's me.

Okay I know it's still new (third week considered new ah?)

I really need to work on my social skills.
I suppose blogging is not one of them.
Honestly speaking blogging is pretty much.. lame.

Oh look that's something new lol.
Alright ta. Just couldn't sleep because of IELTS tomorrow.

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Hello there.
(Warning: Long ass post.)
Feel bad for abandoning this blog,
(HAHA ironically Google flags blog as a typo and offers glob instead)
but then this would be a good source..
Should I die one day and my classmates want to give an eulogy of some sort.
Since I used to document EVERY SINGLE THING when I was young.
Hmm morbid.

And now here I am, unsure of what I should do,
What I want to do, and what I am expected to do.
More often than not you are confused deciding on what you want to study,
Because in reality, asking yourself what you want to study
Is really like asking yourself "Who am I? What will I be for the rest of my life?"
Because let's face it, NOBODY knows what they really want.
Like the time when you were younger and you said to your mom
"Just get me that barbie doll,
Hahaha, you get my point.

Haha okay sour note aside, I went to some colleges/universities
Whose courses interests me, based on what's on their website.
And of course, seeing that I am looking for design courses,
Their website should be fundamental on how prospectives may evaluate them.
Bad design? Either FAIL or cheapskate, which also is FAIL.
So no go on that one. Some really nice ones are like Dasein..
(Which is in chinese partially and as far as I can tell offers no degrees.)
Okay that's about it for websites that leaves an impression on me.
Others are rather generically bland.
I mean hello, like you don't know these are the
tools that reach creative students like us?
(Ek eleh, calling myself a creative student. But yeah, I am. LOL.)

So anyway, I have a communication background so getting into
Pure Graphic Design is hard for me.
According to The One Academy I am actually not qualified at all,
And I need to take the foundation.
(Duration 4 years, fees approximately RM90k as of May 2012)
I lost all hope at first but someone
I confided in told me that not all hope is lost,
And so I sucked it up and looked at other courses.

Call me stupid, but I actually forgot that there are design courses
Related to communications, some of which are:
Advertising and Design, Communication Design, even Mass Comm itself..
It does not focus so much on design, but more of how it can be
Utilised in the advertising line and other related fields.
In some colleges you can even choose if you want to
Major in a more specific direction, although within conditions.
So some of the places I went to are:-

1.The One Academy

I chose them based on what I could find on their website,
Their location, weightage and fees.

The One Academy's Degree in Graphic Design
Intake: May

Of course, no doubt they are among if not the best Design School,
And the people are really friendly, but gives out wrong information.
(Okay, okay. Just one la, the rest are really nice, really.)
The lady told me my intake should start at 19th of May,
That I may get some exemptions, and at maximum
Take 3 years to complete my course.
Then the next time I called they guy convinced me to take a Diploma instead.
The third time I was told the intake starts on the 9th, I am not qualified,
Need to take foundation, face 4 years of studying and need RM90k.

I was disappointed of course, but alas. Perhaps this was not meant to be.
Their subjects though looks really fun; interesting.
Something I may (like to think I) quite enjoy doing even while
Burning mounds and mounds of midnight oil, because most people
That came from TOA sounds like they survived the apocalypse.

Their works are very impressive, and it boasts of winning
The Kancil Awards almost every year.
I was not brought around the facility though, although I did not ask.

Sunway's Degree in Advertising & Design
Intake: March and August

I think the most important factor when deciding which place you want
To pursue your studies lies heavily on the person you talked to.
These counsellors are the impression they give on behalf of their school.
How they present themselves will be ultimately how you would
Assume the college/uni to be.

Sunway's was alright.
They could answer our questions well, a little wittle bit high uppity,
Which is expected, and is what we
Communication students gets a lot, believe me.
Their fees are around the range of RM65k and their coursework weightage
Is about 50-50 to 60-40 (exam-coursework).

Their subjects are really quite a balance between boring stuff and design subjects
(From my point-of-view, of course)
And have about 5 elective subjects you can choose personally.
This course has no re-sits. If you fail, you retake.
They are also very strict on exemptions and
Stress a loooot about following government rules.
(Either they think we're trying to force our way into this programme,
Or they think we're undercover spies that works for the govt. LOL.)

Taylor's Degree in Graphic Communication Design 
Intake: August

Parking is BAD. Need. More. Trees.
Although kudos for free parking.
(Although due to heat I think I may actually pay for parking..
What is a few ringgit if it's risking my fair -slightly dark now- skin?)
The lady that attended to us forgot to climb
Down her high horse this morning.
She was judgemental, she gives off the air of "Can you really study?"
And steps on a student's ability before seeing what they do.
On top of that she looks really pale and unglorified,
(Isn't it a requirement to put at least a little bit of make up?)
And plus her sour half smile face I did not enjoy talking to her.
Yes, I admit I was intimidated by her too la.
And by right counsellors should not make a prospective student feel that way.
So what if I'm from communications?
Who do you think comes up with all these advertisements
For the things you own right now? What's facebook?
Then she goes on about how you won't make shit from design unless you're like
Wow, nice. So how's life as a counsellor, woman?
You must be taking your wages by the bag load eh?

Okay ranting aside,
Their fees are about RM10k more than most courses I was looking at.
Approximately around RM76k. Weightage about 70% exam 30% assignments.
Also don't let the lakeside tagline fool you.
It is not scenic for even a little. It's more like a pond, really.
Their subjects cover quite a lot actually, from entertainment design and also some thinking development, or rather that's how I would put it, to sum it up.

Regardless, Taylor's give me a very high school feeling with the
Typical popular cliques and whatnot, as is with most schools with a
Large amount of students. I don't prefer it.
Let's just say Taylor's did not give me a warm welcome.

IACT's Degree in Mass Communication
Intake: May, November

Location quite inconvenient I guess, seeing as both ways are
Congested due to the Federal Highway on one side and the many
Secondary and Primary schools on the other.
Parking wise I was told we can get seasonal parking for RM90.
Quite okay actually. IF you get it.

The ambience is fun. Student lounge? Awesome.
They have these beanbags the size of half your bed,
And so its campus is not as huge as Taylor's but the people there are friendly.
They have wonderful facilities like a photography studio, recording studio,
Art studio, and they have equipments you can rent,
Such as DSLRs and Video Recorders, so you won't have to buy them.

They have a Mac computer lab as well, and as their courses are mainly
Towards design and communication, they should be good in what they do.
It's located in a mall (not as uncomfortable as you may think),
So it's easy to find places to eat,
Though I'm sure it won't be easy on the wallet.

What I like about them is (personally) they have web design.
And because it's under Mass Comm I can exempt more subjects
And maybe can just study two years and be done with it.

They are offering ad & design degrees somewhere around next year.
I didn't go to Inti Nilai because, well.. It's in NILAI for one.
I can't afford to travel up and down, and I can't afford to stay there.
So here I am. Although I didn't survey much on other Mass Com degrees..
But from what I can find IACT is the only place that offers
Both web design and advanced web design in their electives.
A lot of their coursework is like 100% (not completely) which I think
Is important because exams are not about how much you understand,
It's more about how well you can memorize. Fees are about RM66k.
If you're looking into IACT, look for Jeremy. He's got a sense of humour.
But I suppose only communication/design students get us. Que sera sera.

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Things have been different lately.
I don't usually practice superstition but what Sam said struck me as odd.
I mean come on, I just stated that 2012 has been the worst year of my life so far,
And then Sam says it's our zodiac's bad year.
Well obviously not, other 21 year olds seems to be having a pretty
Kick ass time down at G6 shooting beers.

So far I've been broke, been cheated, been hurt,
And I've just experienced my most dramatic moment of this year:
Pondering if anybody would care if I died.
(Only two people symphatised, one laughed.
I'm glad she still finds me humoring I guess.)
Of course, seeing that I've been nothing but protecting myself
I haven't been very nice to people I may or may not know.
I just didn't want to be taken advantage of.
It wasn't the right thing to do, but like some guy I forgot his name said:
If you live your life pleasing other people you FAIL.
(I may have paraphrased quite a bit)

But probably so far the worrisome thing was my relationship.
We fight, we don't solve the problems, pushed it to another day,
Then somehow it evolves to something else.
I don't even want to try anymore.
I think this was the only reason I cried (many fucking times) this year.
What's the point? In the end I'll be the one on the consoling end
When really all I wanted was to be consoled.
So I've been rather attention seeking, but isn't that what girls do?
To feel loved within an inch of her life, is that too much to ask?
If it is then I don't even want to start thinking about the future.

It's true about expectations, though.
Don't have any.
I used to think that having expectations brings progress and growth.
It's not.
It decays and brings disappointment in various forms.
It's really better to not expect anything from anyone (regardless)
Because chances are you're not that lucky.
In life you really shouldn't get your hopes up.
Romantic movies are the equivalent of models in your magazine covers.
They photoshop things to perfection and present to you an illusion
That are not real, making you think that you "deserve" to be treated specially.
Nope, that's just commercialization. Fuck.

I just don't feel like he cares.
He probably won't even find out about this blogpost until September. Of next year.
He's just not interested. He doesn't know how to process me.
I'm probably alien to him. In fact I don't even know why we're holding on.
Because of love? It sure seems like it. When was the last time we were happy?
For me it was when I discovered we can talk without arguing, for once.
I mean, for a relationship that's lasted for a year and a half,
Is that sad or what?
And when I needed someone to talk to, I find myself alone.
I tried calling people, but when they don't pick the phone,
I only feel more rejection.
Do you know how much dramatic despair you'd feel when you're sad and alone
And when you tried to call someone they're not there?

That is the moment when you feel most alone.
When you've got no one.
So what If I have been nice before?
Look where it ended?
Cookie's gone.
Kenji's gone.
Zhukor's gone.
College friends?

I understand.
I'm not the most easiest person to like or click with.
I'm quiet in a group,
When I meet someone new I try to hard not to extend my inevitable lameness
I'm level zero on the social heirarchy.
If only I played games I'd be a perfect loser.

I'm just gonna take back my heart I just so simply give away,
I'm not gonna throw myself and I just want to love me for now.
No one can love you more than you right?
I love yous are meaningless if you say it everyday.
It's what you feel at night when you go to bed.
You'll know if you're happy.

I am not happy.
I hope someone can make me.

. - -
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I've got some work to do,
And I'm also dealing with my relationship problems.

It's like this design thing I'm working on.
I thought it was easy, but hell, it's not.
Every other template is written by another person,
And it doesn't always work the same way.
Somewhere along the line, some idiot is going to write
Some shitty CSS which is just plain old crap
He or she managed to string together,
And somehow looked great, just not when dismantled.

Just like many other living beings,
Being committed to one is not a walk in a park.
Sure, you get perks like sex or if it was a pet, companionship.
But there are also factors like disagreement, or shit duty.
It's not a walk in a park.
There are things you will need to work at,
Things that won't go away even if you ignore them long enough.
So how do you deal with these differences?
I honestly don't know how.
Breaking up is not an option I want to consider,
But what happens when you don't see a solution near the horizon?

On another note,
I think I've been taking things too lightly, and underestimating them.
Or rather, overestimating my own abilities.
What you may think is picture perfect maybe just be the one disaster
Your client was hoping not to see.
That doesn't mean you suck (or maybe you do, sometimes).
It just means that you and your client just don't agree...
There isn't one marketing strategy in the world
That are applicable to all age groups.
Not one. (... Is there?)
(Here ends my self consolation.)

So what's my point?
I was gonna rant about my problems, but it just got fixed.
(Albeit it took about 2 hours and about 2 ltrs of tears and snot).

Oh just ignore me.
I think this might be me being helpless and thus relieving stress..
BECAUSE I AM STUCK designing a website for my friend.
AND I am at a huge inconvenience because my car broke down,
And I need to stay with my dad, who is not pro-internet.

On the other hand,
I got to know how lovely my stepsisters are :D
 - -
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Basically this post leaves me shouting WHYYYY!

1. People who don't use their signal lights.
This one really makes me want to drive right up
next to them and flip them off.
Then I can just break your signal lamps.

2. People who drive slow on fast lanes.
Do you know how long it takes for my ancient car to speed up?!

3. People who drive too slow for slow lane.
Please consider a bicycle.

4. People who drive slow on any lane and when drive past them,
they are typing/chatting away on their phone.


5. People who drive slow on your lane to turn left/right but when 
Reached mentioned junction, turns out didn't want to go there in 
the first place, swerves out, and then the green light turns to red.
(Okay basically I hate anyone who drives slow!)

6. People who stops by the road but didn't put up signal, 
Giving impression that the driver lost consciousness and 
swerved or something, but actually want to buy 
keropok lekor/some random shit.

7. People who don't know how to park.
And it's NOT even parallel parking. Where'd you get your license?
A lucky draw?!

8. People who drive ON THE LINE.
Are you drunk. I can't get past you.
Make up your mind.

9. People on bikes that won't move to the side.

And the thing I get pissed off the most
(like I'm not already LOL)

10. People on bikes that drive on fast lanes.

11.Waiting at the junction to turn left/right but got oncoming car 
That didn't put up signal, and then the car 
actually turning in your junction also.

On a lighter note, today my dad got an invitation to a wedding,
And the dress code was "Dress to Impress".
He snorted.
I am thinking of other men who actually took that for real,
And wore pink tuxes or something lol.

Obviously we all know that dress codes are only meant for females.
There are only so many different variants of tuxedos, lol.
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The bf and I went for a movie today at Mid Valley.
Finally had a taste of Burger King's French Chicken after so long!
The movie we decided to watch was "This means war".
(which was what the bf wanted to watch for some time now, to worry or not
I'm not sure, I mean.. is he really that into Reese Witherspoon?
Or is it really Tom Hardy?)

It was awesome.
(Except the cut sex scene. DON'T BLAME ME IF I TORRENT THIS MOVIE)
Tom Hardy played this suave yet sensitive man while Chris Pine
Was the trying to be smooth but fail guy,
of both which is just adorbs! <3
If you asked me to choose between those two..
I'd convince them both that we three were meant to be together
Because there's be no choosing between them two.
The whole time I was like "THAT LUCKY BITCH!"

Talking about bitches I just sat next to the
Two most inconsiderate female canines.
I swear, they have an opinion on
Here are some comments I can still recall:-
"I don't like Nokia Lumia, too square."
"John Carter kan? Tu disney punya."
"Oh another transformer-like movie, OH MY GOD"
"Oh wait, INI John Carter, disney jugak."

And the list goes on.
Thanks for the narration for the entire movie too, by the way.
I'd like to narrate YOUR DEATH.

My new bandit account got suspended today.
Suspected of hacking WHICH IS NOT FCKIN TRUE
Because I was just spam clicking the Versatile Portal but the dialog box
Just wouldn't come out! Now I can't even log back in,
And I am only 50% away from getting my Gratias ring,
And the event ends in a few days.
is for the ring.
I don't care. If they don't unblock me in time

Oh and today me and the bf went in the wrong cinema hall
Not once, but twice. FML WE ARE RETARDED.

Needless to say today was a rather drama emo day
And now I'd just like to sulk while watching Ranma 1/2.

Good night, reader(s? Doubt so.).
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What I saw displayed on the back of a car
In a huge lane of cars:-

"Walk 10,000 steps a day"

Nuff said.
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Nothing remotely interesting at all.
Even the blog is getting more hits than me, lol.
Traffic is still coming in btw, about 100 plus hits.
If only I can make them click on my ad ngek ngek.
Eh, actually RM1 plus only even if they do, fail.

Calculated dad's profit from 2008-2012,
Response is FUUUUUUUU..
I should definitely go for degree, I deserve it lol.
I found myself suddenly doing accounts for my dad.
I failed accounts in SPM.
Should I tell my dad?

The End.

P.S: needs to stop playing Sarah Connor's Bounce!!



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So just a mere two days ago I reskinned my blog,
Complete with new posts right.
My old blog counter was displaying like 20K views
Which don't get me wrong it's not impressive at all given that
I have been blogging for about 5 years now.
Well, most of it anyway.

I totally deleted that widget and I forgot which website I got it from,
So I used the blogger one (just 13k but like who's counting *i do*)
So I've been paying vague attention to it la.
Suddenly today I checked about 200 plus hits
Since the last time I blogged (yesterday)
Menial mundane things also so many audience,
*success kid*

So being me I am all hyped up about it
(I don't have a life so this is pretty much the highlight of my day)
I went to my feedjit and see lah who has been viewing my blog.


Someone put a link of an old blog post of mine about Twilight
On their blog, and directing traffic here.
Got slightly bashed also, lol.

Some of you may not know but I used to be one of those Twi-hard fans.
Ahhh those days. I remember the first time I went to watch the movie.
I teared. Yup. It was such an emotional moment for me. (Drama)
But of course that was before I saw the subtitle for the script:

"Say it, say it out loud."

in malay.

"Jawab, jawab dengan kuat."

Then came in my head the image of Edward in our typical Malaysian
Pontianak costume of long hair, nails and dress.

Here's a crudely photoshopped picture of Edward the pontianak
 Purely for entertainment's sake.

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God how did I do this everyday I don't remember.
So this is yet another attempt to blog everyday,
Which in reality only translates to probably only 3 times a week.

So, today was pretty much the same,
Except this new employee who is really riding me up the wrong way.
(Did this sound wrong?)
She is damn blur, always at the wrong place at the wrong time,
To the extent that to this date I have already accidentally pointed my finger
At several parts of her face by accident for about 3 times now,
coz I was trying to point at something else.
(I hit her mouth once, that's just disgusting for the both of us.)

So I don't know if she is trying to get fired or whad
Because lately she has been especially in the way
And damn malas to do anything and push it to the other new girl.
Plus she is angering my senior so I am in the middle playing
The middle person when all I wanna do is 9gag.

Basically I am waiting for the day my senior cannot tahan her
Or something bad enough happens lah, either she quit or whad,
Coz somehow I have a feeling she won't stay here long
But don't get the wrong idea,
But life will be much easier for the most of us.
And I won't have to watch out where I put my finger. =.=

On the other hand, today an elderly couple who was pumping petrol
At Caltex SS14 had their hose(?) burst and it spewed petrol everywhere
As I watched amusedly while the sad attendant kena scold
Left right and center going back and forth filling up his little watering can
To wash off the petrol from their car. Sad.
(I didn't just happen to be there and kepoh,
I was actually filling up my car next to them.. just to clarify.)

As I drove away I imagined someone's car exhaust pipe emitting sparks
And tomorrow we'll have loads more parking

Life is not fair. Le sigh.

Haha drama note aside I guess at least it still feels like college =.=

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Well, as some of you might know, 
I've already graduated from my diploma last year.
Most of my friends have probably already started with their degree.
I have been contemplating where and what to take for my degree,
And I've lost a lot of sleep over it, although that could also be all the 
The Nanny marathon, lol.

I've always liked designing although I won't say that I'm awesome at it.
HAHAHA, Okay lar I have said that I am before, lol.
But I'm pretty sure compared to The One Academy it is NOTHING.
I've seem their showcase and I was like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
How am I suppose to compete with that?!
Plus, my second worst habit 
(the first one being my lameness but that's another story)
Is my laziness. It is of epic proportions.

Here's an example:
To be honest early 2011 I lost some weight,
because we had a 2 months break before that..
And I spent all my time on my bed.
Lazy to go eat.
So one day eat one meal only.
And that is the story of how I lost my weight.

Sad right? lol.

Anyway yeah I am super lazy aaaannd TOA is known for it's workload, 
Aside from it's quality students
Of both which I am not qualified for.
I think I'm reaching for the stars here but
Designing courses else where..
Sunway got people said sucks.
Taylor's is not known for it's designing courses either.
I checked forums and everything,
No one ever mentions Taylor's or Sunway for their designing courses. 
(to think they were my first two choices before I knew *shudders*)
So what's left are Dasein, Saito, TOA, MMU, MIA,
Of which most only offer diploma and I'm looking at degrees here.

But whatever lah I've made up my mind. Although I'm gonna ask 
My ex-classmates who went there next saturday at Kit Yen's birthday party.
Like how hard is it's gonna be etc etc. Scared. :/

On the other hand there is another dilemma.
I always liked designing so I'm assuming I should be taking Graphics Design,
But then after surveying around most people says that
Graphic Design is pretty basic and that I should consider
Multimedia Design, especially in the internet era,
That I'd be able to have a more flexible career in the future.

Then comes the third dilemma.
I am actually taking this so that I have a fall back plan because..
I plan to work for my dad after my degree.


I think multimedia design is really tough and since
I have totally no interest in animation,
which the course seems to mainly focus on,
I don't think I would actually pour out all the required energy to focus on it.
Seeing the workload is so heavy, I'd have to make sure
I'm really passionate about it, right?

So, so far I have decided that I'm taking Graphics design course in TOA.
I'm still not sure, but would you believe it I was so bothered about these that
Three days ago I totally slammed the whole idea and decided I'll just work for my dad
And just totally forget about my degree? LOL.

Ala gary from Running Man:

On the other hand, I have a new blog design!
Yes I am Captain Obvious.