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"You why talk to me like that? You wanna fight now is it?"
"Yalah, stupid fella!"

Here is what happened:
So I woke up this morning and did the same routine:
Woke up in a jolt, cursed because I'm late,
Skipped shower and brushing my teeth, splashed my face with cold water
Put on clothes that don't smell or look dirty, play with my dog
(You have to, ethical issue)
Then rushed out.
As you know, Subang Jaya is well-known for one thing
(And it's not Lim's Fried Chicken, no not really)
It's the amazing traffic.
So I reached subang in what should have been 10 but became 23mins,
And As I had Mr. Andrew for my first class, I know if I'm too late,
My ass: grilled.
And so I skipped the usual habit of parking in SS14
(My dad's employee can look after my car so no need pay parking HAHA)
And parked in birdshit parking instead.

Lo and behold at 10.15 in the morning every single space LITERALLY
In subang is filled with cars, and a fucker who double parked
(silver wira, retard) so I had no choice but to double park and leave my car keys there.
So if you knew me well enough, I just got a car like probably 3-4 months ago?
It's windscreen cracked within 3 weeks and just recently the power window broke down.
So yeah. I didn't really exactly particularly meticulously remember my car plates,
But I know the numbers in it. And being late for class,
I just gave it to them what I at that time was not SUPER sure, but fairly sure
Was the right one, and rushed off to class without double checking.
My fault I know, but I just woke up alright!
So, as you may very well guess, I was wrong.

So when my class ended I walked with Jas to the parking and
As I went to get my car keys, I noticed that my car was clamped.
Frustrated, I went over the booth and asked why is that so.
"You never leave your keys."
"There it is."
"Same number?"
"Oh, sorry I put the wrong number."
"Okay wait I call the manager."

And so I waited for about 30 minutes in my car in frustration
Because I just got a new laptop and I can't wait to go sleep
Then wake up and play with it (MAPLE, SIMS GENERATIONS)
While breaking my Puzzle Bobble score in my ancient W810i phone,
Someone rapped my car window, signalling me to open my door.
He was rather cute albeit short, wearing a red football jersey paired with a
naturally tousled hair.
"Hi, this morning I wanted to go out but your car was blocking me.
It was quite urgent, and I had to take a taxi there."
"Oh, I'm sorry, I gave them the wrong number plate because I used to drive another car."
"Oh, well next time please do not give wrong number kay."
"Kay, I'm really really sorry. I hope it was nothing life threatening."
"Ah, it doesn't matter anymore."
"So sorry!"
And so he left. And there I thought:
"Wow so nice geh. it it was me i don't think I would have done the same thing."

And so waiting another 20 minutes in my car I was glad when I
Finally see two indian fellas walking towards me with the clamp key.
"You must pay RM50 la."
"What? Why? Just for this?
But I only have RM47 with me now, please la, just let me go."
"No, I want to talk to this fella, wait for him to come talk to you."
"Oh, he already did just now."
"Really? What he said?"
"He told me that I blocked his car this morning,
and told me to put correct number next time."
"And then?"
"Then I said sorry and he left."
"Waaaa, chinese talk to chinese so different ahhh.. bloody fool.
This morning I was scolded like shit by the owner of this car you know!
He was bloody rude, who does he think he is. I so old, he so young!
Bloody fool educated people talk like uneducated people."

Apparently some guy I was blocking (thus we leave the keys see?)
Wanted to leave at 10am in the morning to do some very important stuff,
And because I gave them the wrong number, naturally they couldn't find the key,
And apparently this guy I blocked came down and screwed the shit out of the
Parking lot boss. Like seriously.
I don't really know exactly what happened but this was how Bird Shit parking boss said it:
"The bloody bastard scolded me ask me for taxi money or give other car for him to drive!
I how old, he how old! The small little kid talk to me like want to fight like that, Blardy rude!"

And it surprised me how different this guy can be.
In front of me like so polite, but in front of this uncle wanna fight.
I am contemplating is it because of my ugly damsel in distress look that
Soften him up a bit or because it was morning and now it's afternoon and he calmed down.
After that the uncle called him and talk to him, say why he so rude but so nice to me
Then apparently the guy hung up on the uncle.
Moral of the story:
It's great to be a girl.
Except when you're giving birth or if you think
women should be treated ala the bible.

I did lose RM30.00 though.

p.s: Funny thing is they keep stressing that the guy wanted to leave at 10am

p.p.s: I just remembered another thing the uncle said
"That's it? He said when the owner of this car (me) come back,
You call me, I'm gonna screw that fella (me). Bloody hell."
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